The purpose of this logo is threefold:


Offering free recources

Making available free resources for celebrating and promoting the uniqueness of the biological family consisting of mother + father + child.


Defending children's rights

Communicating and defending children’s natural and inborn right to both a mother and a father.


Setting the rainbow free

Contributing towards freeing the rainbow, so that people everywhere may feel comfortable using its colours in a variety of ways and with different messages.

Be creative and respectful

You are free to use the logo in any way you like, included formulating your own message together with the logo. The message must, however, be a positive statement about the mother-father-child relationship – for instance based on the YES messages formulated in the section The Message of the logo.

Texts communicating hateful, contemptuous, degrading or dehumanizing attitudes – or vicious attacks against sexual minorities or towards people of other convictions – are totally unacceptable. Such messages linked to the logo will be considered a serious abuse of the logo and the project. Read more about this in the section The Message of the logo.

Family logo on t-shirt.Family logo on round stickers.

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